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Dec 7, 2010

Read Something! _Swift Justice_ (Laura DiSilverio)

Swift Justice
290 pp.
Mystery/Chick Lit


Charlotte "Charlie" Swift's private investigation business is finally breaking even. Her life is self-contained and self-sufficient, save for the occasional drink with her neighbor or romantic overtures from cop Connor Montgomery.

Then her silent partner flees the country, and Charlie learns that his abandoned wife, Gigi, wants to hold on to the half-share of the business left by her husband and to be a partner -- but decidedly not a silent one. As Charlie tries to track down the mother of an abandoned baby, she sends Gigi on assignments that will hopefully put her off of PI work forever.

But then the baby's mother turns up dead, and multiple different people claim that the infant belongs with them. As Charlie works to untangle the mess, she finds that she may need all the help she can get.

Appeal characteristics

  • Frame?: Humor generously interspersed (often "slapstick" or goofy humor)
  • Frame: Mostly written in first person with a few third person limited passages
  • Frame: Lots of details are given about clothing, decor, etc.
  • Frame?: Charlie is threatened but never is placed in really serious danger; the book is generally to light to bear that
  • Plot: The case is not 100% resolved but the important facts are revealed
  • Plot: Female main character's love life is a fairly minor subplot, but regularly comes up as she periodically dates/flirts with/feels attracted to various male characters
  • Plot: Multiple subplots going on at once
  • Characterization: There are multiple minor characters, each with a defining characteristic or quirk (e.g. sexy cop, priest with a mysterious past, chauvinistic fundamentalist kook, ...)
  • Characterization: Strong female main character who can take care of herself, including physically - but who also has a more feminine romantic side brought out by men she's attracted to
  • Plot vs. Characterization: Unraveling the case is one focus of the book, but the development of Charlie and Gigi's relationship is another
  • Pacing: Suspense increases toward the end
Other notes

  • ???

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