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Aug 1, 2012

Read Something! DEAR CREATURE (Jonathan Case)

Dear Creature
Graphic novel, pulp, horror, romance


This quirky, absurd mashup of romantic comedy, "B" horror flicks, and Shakespeare has to be read to be believed. Grue, a mutant horror from the deep, has discovered Shakespeare through a series of cola bottles cast adrift with the Bard's plays inside. Inspired, he renounces his flesh-eating ways and sets off in search of a lady love. Hilarious and sweet, this book will keep you hanging as you wait to see how Grue's quest for love will turn out. Don't miss the appendix, "An Invertebrate's Guide to Iambic Pentameter", in which Grue's Greek chorus of sarcastic crabs explain the poetic meter using the immortal phrase, "Ba-donk a-donk a-donk a-donk a-donk."

Appeal Characteristics
  • Visuals: dramatic use of black and white
  • Visuals: generally realistic art (although Grue is depicted less realistically)
  • Visuals: fairly clean art, but panels are sometimes hard to decipher due to being very busy and not having shading
  • Frame: silly/absurd tone
  • Frame: main character is the character who is usually the "bad guy"
  • Frame/plot/characterization: characters and situations are mostly stereotypes drawn from "B" movies/pulp horror
  • Plot: romance/lovers who the world wants to keep apart
  • Plot: happy ending
  • Plot: loose ends are all tied up at the end
  • Plot: plot is not very fleshed out and often relies on pointers/gestures to conventions and stereotypes of a typical pulp horror story
  • Pacing: moves fairly fast; each chapter presents a new challenge to Grue's quest

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