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Dec 21, 2010

Read Something! _Mother, Come Home_ (Paul Hornschemeier)

Mother, Come Home
Graphic Novel / Literary Fiction


A boy and his father try to cope after the boy's mother dies. Mother, Come Home is a powerful exploration of how we can either overcome tragedy or be broken by it.

Appeal characteristics
  • Frame: Told simply, from a child's perspective (although some comments are clearly those of an adult looking back) but nevertheless grapples with complex and difficult concepts
  • Frame: Frequent and adept use of metaphor (usually visual)
  • Plot: No happy ending
  • Characterization: Main character is a child who has to deal with emotionally difficult situations
  • ???: The art style is very clean; frames often just have a character or two in them and are not very "busy"
Other notes
  • J. R. Ackerley, My Father and Myself? -- similar frame of a son looking back on a troubled relationship with his father, but honestly not much else that I can think of as similar; I don't know why this feels like a good readalike to me

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