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Sep 18, 2011

It's amazing how long it takes you to fall into a rhythm once you graduate from school and get a job.

At least, how long it's taken me.

In the past year I got hired, moved to a new apartment, bought a car and some furniture, started my job, weathered a 75-mile commute in ridiculous winter weather, moved again (to a much brighter, quieter, and more pleasant apartment, I'm glad to say), bought more furniture, and here I am. Life is just starting to fall into a routine and we still aren't 100% unpacked. No wonder blogging has gone by the wayside.

But here I am. Still kicking, and smack in the middle of my library's community read programming (10 events in 6 weeks, all of which I'm responsible for organizing though thank goodness I don't have to be in attendance at every one). Busy busy busy busy busy. Ran two recruitment drives to sign local college students up for cards last week, and I have a program to do Monday night.

Almost a year in, and I'm still greatly enjoying myself. I'm hitting my stride, getting my routines firmly in place. I'm starting to feel like I have a handle on the rhythm of the year. I've made some changes in the way certain aspects of my job are done, introduced a few new ideas, and have a couple of other things on the back burner. Mostly it's small stuff. More forms, new policies, different procedures, little things that help us keep records and help me to stay organized. For instance, we're now asking patrons who attend programs to fill out an evaluation. We've never collected that kind of data before. Part of the form asks where they heard about the program and in six months I hope to use that information to streamline my publicity workflow. We're asking volunteers to sign yearly agreements with us to confirm their contact information and so that we have actual records of who is still with us and what they're doing. (Trying to wrangle a list of the volunteers for last year's statistics was a real adventure -- seemed like my predecessor had had most of it in her head!)

Now that I'm finding my feet in my personal and professional lives again, I hope I'll be posting here more often. (Famous blogger's last words.)

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